My Small Neighbor Has Huge Tattoo Sleeves

I have a neighbor who is a little guy. He is short and thin. He never puts on that he is tough. He even has made jokes about being scared of getting beat up by angry grandmothers with walkers. He is a really nice guy, and helps out pretty much everyone. He works hard, and he has a wife who has a professional job. Their daughter is a really nice kid. It seems odd to me that he has tattoo sleeves on both arms. You can see them in the summer when he is outside at the pool or cutting the grass.

Those sleeves are full from his shoulders done to his wrists. Every square inch is filled with designs, color and shading. Not much of his actual skin is used to show through except for highlight areas. The tattoo sleeves even run around underneath the inside of his arms. They go pretty far up into the armpit area too. Continue reading →

History of Haunted Places in New Orleans

LaLaurie house
LaLaurie house
Le Pavillon hotel
Le Pavillon hotel
Bourbon Hotel
Bourbon Hotel

Those traveling to the most haunted city in America, New Orleans, will have more then enough scares and ghost destinations to explore. From the tomb of a voodoo priestess to the site of a legendary massacre, explore the Big Easy’s spooky side with the most haunted places in New Orleans.

New Orleans has been called the most haunted city in the United States. It has been said by many that the actual history of New Orleans is far stranger than anything fictional writers can create.

City linked to voodoo, it’s dead can not be buried under ground due to water level, so they are placed in tombs of stone. Their cemeteries are real attractions are called “Cities of the Dead.” The most visited by tourists are four: Lafayette Cemetery containing historical graves and where they have even held many weddings, located in the Garden District, the Metairie Cemetery with exquisite architecture, the St. Louis Cemetery in the northern French Quarter.

New Orleans is easily one of the most haunted places in the world with a long history of voodoo, murder and mayhem. The city even has a resident spirit named Marie Laveau, nicknamed the “Voodoo Queen”. Homes and businesses are haunted throughout the city, but none quite as creepy as the decaying above ground tombs of St. Louis Cemetery No 1. Saint Louis Cemetery in New Orleans dates back to 1789 and is often considered among the most haunted cemeteries in the United States. This is probably because of the above-ground mausoleums, vaults and crypts, plus the fact that it’s the rumored resting place of voodoo priestess Marie Laveau.

As the Irish acquired wealth and assimilated more into New Orleans’ society, they began to build above-ground tombs, like the Creoles.

Many of the buildings in the French Quarter are originals dating back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Many of these sites have become famous for their apparently haunted statuses.

Jazz funerals began when more than 41,000 people in New Orleans died from yellow fever from 1817–1905. People began to believe that the dead were coming back to infect the living, so during funeral processions the body was carried in a random route through the streets to “confuse” the deceased so they would forget where they lived. Jazz music was added to celebrate the person’s life.

This First Street Home in the New Orleans Garden District is always an eye catcher. The front is great but the side galleries are something else. This home was built in 1869 and is known as the Carroll-Brown House. Mostly Italianate in style with extensive wrought iron which was attached at a later date. We can call this a New Orleans ” grande maison”.

Manchac Swamp near New Orleans is also known as the “Haunted Swamp”. It’s believed that the swamp was cursed by a voodoo queen in the early 1900’s, and as a result three small hamlets disappeared in a hurricane in 1915. From time to time a corpse will surface, but is otherwise untouched by industrial civilization. It is said to be inhabited by red-eyed alligators and the feeling of the area is generally uneasy.
History of the Scariest Places in New Orleans
Pavillon Hotel

Le Pavilion Hotel is located in the downtown area of one of the most haunted cities in the world, New Orleans, Louisiana, and it is said that this hotel matches the city that it is located in when it comes to hauntings. While claims of ghosts come out of the Le Pavilion hotel daily, there are several ghosts that appear more frequently than others.

However, Le Pavillon Hotel is just a step away from the French Quarter and captures the romance of New Orleans with car-sized chandeliers and lavish oil paintings.

It is just five blocks away from New Orleans’ famous nightspots, restaurants and antique shops. Le Pavilion offers visitors a truly unique New Orleans experience, and if you’re lucky enough you may catch a glimpse of the ghost couple who haunt this hotel.
Gardette-LaPrete House 716 Dauphine St, New Orleans LA

This Greek revival home was the site of the one of the grisliest murders in New Orleans‘ history. A Turkish merchant, renting the home, was buried alive in the backyard and his harem entourage murdered. Years later, the French Quarter home is still said to be the site of the merchant’s wanderings, and on certain nights, exotic music and incense from ancient parties waft from the home.
The LaLaurie House

The LaLaurie House is considered one of the most haunted houses in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is said that the original lady of the house was extremely cruel to her slaves. She was apparently responsible for the death of a slave girl and many of the slaves were found living in deplorable conditions. The house exchanged hands multiple times with few staying more than a few scant weeks or months.

In the early 1800’s, Madame LaLaurie was the toast of New Orleans, and the mansion she lived in reflected her status. It was discovered that, behind the veneer, she was a cruel woman who tortured her slaves. When one servant set fire to the house, and mutilated slaves were later pulled from the devastation, the family fled, never to set foot in Louisiana again. Over the years, the house has been bought, and then quickly abandoned by the new owners because of unexplained events.
The Columns Hotel

The Columns Hotel, the former home of tobacco merchant Simon Hernsheim, is said to be haunted by a woman in a white gown who floats around the ballroom and garden, a girl who visits the third floor balcony, and a disembodied Southern gentlemen who checks in on guests.
The Old Absinthe House

The Old Absinthe House, whose 200-year-old bar is famous for its enchantment-inducing cocktails, is haunted by famous customers who used to party there, such as Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, Andrew Jackson, and Jean Lafitte. Bottles, glasses, and chairs have been seen moving around the bar and doors opening and closing on their own.

One of the most historical stops in the French Quarter is the Old Absinthe House, a landmark located on the corner of Bourbon and Bienville. The bar was named the Absinthe Room when drinking absinthe grew in popularity in New Orleans.

In 1815, the ground floor was converted into a saloon known as “Aleix’s Coffee House” and was run by the nephews of Senora Juncadelia. This coffee house was later rechristened “The Absinthe Room” when mixologist Cayetano Ferrer created the famous Absinthe House Frappe here in 1874.(more about this now illegal liquor) To this day, The Old Absinthe House still has the decorative marble fountains that were used to drip cool water over sugar cubes into glasses of Absinthe.
Bourbon Orleans Hotel

There are many ghosts at the beautiful Bourbon Orleans Hotel. They include a Civil War soldier on the sixth floor, a nun in room 644, a little girl who chases a ball down the sixth floor hallway, and a woman who once visited the ballroom in life and now frequents it in death. The Orleans Ballroom was built in 1817, acting as a theatre, ballroom, and even a state and house legislative meeting place.

Bourbon Orleans is reputed to be the most haunted hotel in New Orleans, in a city famous for hauntings. There are said to be as many as 15 – 20 separate ghosts roaming the hotel.For years, both employees and guests have heard the sounds of phantom children, running in the halls and playing in the rooms. The spirit of an elderly man sitting in the lobby, reading a newspaper and smoking a cigar, has frequently been reported.
Anne Rice’s Supernatural Victorian Home in New Orleans

This stately Victorian Gothic home of Rice’s sits on just over a quarter of an acre, and was said by some to be haunted by spirits that predate the modern tales of blood lust and spells.
Vampire Vacations

Vampire Vacations:There were whispers of vampires in New Orleans dating back to the 1880’s. In the early 20th century, there were tales of Jacques Saint Germaine, a wealthy and mysterious man who mingled with high society and hosted dinner parties where he never ate but drank wine that, unbeknownst to his guests, was later found to be laced with human blood.
The Buckner Mansion

The Buckner Mansion in New Orleans will be very familiar to fans of the TV show American Horror Story—it was the setting for the third season. You can even rent the place yourself, if you have a few thousand dollars to spare. If you do, then it comes with its own housekeeper. Unfortunately, the housekeeper in question died in the 19th century.Miss Josephine was a freed black woman in charge of the slaves that worked at the house. She was well-trusted and doubled as a governess and midwife.
The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation – St. Francisville, Louisiana (pre-Civil war era). In 1796 by General David Bradford built an antebellum style plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana which is located near Baton Rouge. He named his pride and joy Laurel Grove and moved in with his wife and three children. However, later a tragedy would begin a long history of deaths and hauntings of this now famous plantation known as The Myrtles.

The Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana was built in 1796 by General David Bradford and called Laurel Grove. Touted as “one of America’s most haunted homes”, the plantation is supposedly home of at least 12 ghosts.[9] It is often reported that 10 murders occurred in the house, but historical records only indicate the murder of William Winter.
Seven Oaks Plantation, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

The historic mansion was the home of descendants of one of New Orleans’ first settlers,Michel Seringue, who was the contractor who built the first St. Louis Church and the first Ursuline Convent, both in the 1720’s.
Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop is rumored to be the oldest bar in America. For many years, this structure, at 941 Bourbon St., has been a bar, but the legend is that Jean Lafitte and his pirates posed as blacksmiths here while using it as headquarters for selling goods they’d plundered on the high seas. The building is one of the few remaining examples of 18th Century French Colonial architecture in the city. There are no electric lights on the inside and the drinks are stiff and cheap.

If you’d rather not experience paranormal activity, the experts recommend avoiding famously haunted cities like New Orleans. These are the places you’re most likely to encounter a ghost.

New Orleans is the perfect destination for ghost hunters and those fascinated by the spiritual realm alike. New Orleans has a pretty good sense of humor regarding its reputation as a haunted city

The Children of Heracles in Greek Mythology

In Ancient Greece it was important to many cities to have a founding myth, a story about the foundation of the city; and if that founding myth linked the city to a famous Greek hero so much the better. So, in Greek mythology, Perseus was linked with the founding of Mycenae and Cadmus was said to have founded Thebes. These founding myths did much to increase the prestige of the city.

Many Ancient Greeks also increased their own prestige by tracking their ancestors to the same heroes, but the greatest prestige would come from being a descendent of the greatest of Greek heroes, Heracles.

Thankfully, in Greek mythology, Heracles was said to have had almost as many lovers as his father, Zeus, and had numerous children.
The Wives and Lovers of Heracles

The most comprehensive surviving account of the children of Heracles comes from the Bibilotheca (Pseudo-Apollodorus); but the Heracles myth was widespread, and many writers in antiquity told his story, so numbers and names of children vary greatly between sources.

Generally speaking though, Heracles was said to have had four wives, although this number of wives was greatly added to by the Greek hero’s numerous lovers.
Heracles Life and Lovers
Heracles and a Muse – Eberhard von Wächter (1762–1852) – PD-art-100
Heracles and a Muse – Eberhard von Wächter (1762–1852) – PD-art-100 | Source
Megara – First Wife of Heracles

The first named wife of Heracles was Megara, a princess of Thebes, given to the hero by King Creon. Megara was said to have provided Heracles with a number of children, and anywhere between two and eight children are named.

Most commonly, three sons are named as children of Heracles and Megara; these being Herimachus, Creontiades and Deicoon. It is these three sons, along with Megara, who are normally said to have been killed by Heracles when Hera sent madness down upon the son of her husband.

It was penance for these murders that would see Heracles travel to the court of King Eurystheus in order to undertake the famous Labours.

Some writers in antiquity would also name Ophites as a son of Heracles by Megara; but this son was killed by Heracles when the son himself went mad.
Lovers of Heracles
Heracles and the Hesperides – Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini (1675–1741) – PD-art-100
Heracles and the Hesperides – Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini (1675–1741) – PD-art-100 | Source
Omphale – Second Wife of Heracles

Omphale was the second named wife of Heracles; Omphale was the Lydian queen whom Heracles had to serve as penance for another murder. Heracles would become father to two sons by Omphale, Agelaus, also known as Lamus, and Tyrsenus.

Tyrsenus was said by some ancient writers to have been the inventor of the trumpet, whilst Agelaus would be named as an ancestor of a family of Lydian kings, including King Croesus. King Croesus would give rise to the phrase “as rich as Croesus”.
Deianera Wife of Heracles – Evelyn De Morgan (1855–1919) – PD-art-100
Deianera Wife of Heracles – Evelyn De Morgan (1855–1919) – PD-art-100 | Source
Deianira – Third Wife of Heracles

The third wife of Heracles is arguably the most famous, for this was Deianira, a sister of Meleager, and the woman who would ultimately cause the death of the Greek hero.

Deianira would provide Heracles with a string of children including, Hyllus, Ctesippus, Glenus, Oneites, and Macaria.

It is through Hyllus that the long line of Heraclidae were born. The Heraclidae was the collective name for the children of Heracles. King Eurystheus, in Greek Mythology, would attempt to kill all of the Heraclidae, but would himself die in battle outside of Athens. The victory of the Heraclidae at Athens though was only assured when Macaria sacrificed herself for her brothers.

In antiquity, the supposed lineage to Hyllus would see the Dorians claim the thrones of Mycenae, Sparta, Argos and Corinth.
Hebe Wife of Heracles – Francisco Javier Ramos y Albertos (1744-1817) – PD-art-100
Hebe Wife of Heracles – Francisco Javier Ramos y Albertos (1744-1817) – PD-art-100 | Source
Hebe – Fourth Wife of Heracles

Upon his funeral pyre, Heracles was immortalised and became a god of Mount Olympus, Zeus would then provide his son with a wife for eternity; this wife being the daughter of Zeus and Hera, Hebe.

Hebe bore two more sons for Heracles, Alexiares and Anicetus; these two sons, along with their father, would become the physical protectors for Mount Olympus thereafter.
Children Born out of Wedlock

Heracles would also be father to many other children.
The Thespiades

There is a famous story in Greek mythology of Heracles and the Thsepiades. The Thespiades were the 50 daughters of King Thespius of Thespiae. Thespius wanted grandchildren sired by Heracles, and so he offered up his own daughters as prize when the Greek hero killed a rampaging lion.

Thus, for 50 consecutive nights Heracles slept with each daughter in turn, and subsequently 51 grandsons were provided to Thespius. The reason for the 51 children, was that Procis, the eldest of the Thespiades, gave birth to twins.

An occasional told Greek myth sees Heracles meeting a woman who was half serpent and half female; a woman sometimes named as Echidna. This woman would hold the horses of Heracles captive, and would not release them until Heracles provided her with children.

So, Heracles slept with the woman, and three sons were born; Agathrysus, Gelonus and Scythes. In the end though only Scythes gained a name for himself for it was this son of Heracles would was said to have been the ancestor of all of the Scythians.
Famous Children

Some other offspring and descendants of Heracles also became famous. In some cases this fame was because of their name, with Celtus, a son of Heracles and Celtine, who herself was daughter of Bretannus , giving his name to the Celts. Similarly, Galates, a son of Heracles would become a renowned fighter, and the man who have his name to the Gauls.

Other children of Heracles were said to have fought during the Trojan War. Telephus, the king of Mesia was said to have been a commander of the Achaean forces at Troy, whilst another son, Tlepolemus would die by the sword of Sarpedon at Troy.

Underground Earth Sheltered Homes, Past, Present and Future

Earth Homes

The benefits of living underground is not only an environment-friendly and energy saving idea but has been done by many civilizations throughout the known history of humanity. Only just recently has this unique idea become recognized in our mainstream media by the discoveries of archeologist’s of entire cities buried beneath the surface of our planet. This article Underground Earth Sheltered Homes, Past, Present and Future will explore new discoveries of ancient man living beneath our feet, the technology that allows for Green Energy Earth Homes to be built now for a very low cost and how this technology could shape the future of our living experience on this planet.

The benefits of living underground appeal to this author for a variety of reasons but the one I find most appealing is that after the initial construction is complete the roof of your home can be returned to the natural settings of the land surrounding it, blending in with the landscape and allowing nature to return to its original form. As an artist and conservationist, I find this is an aesthetically pleasing idea.

Beyond this idea though it allows for some cost effective and energy efficient ways of heating and cooling your home, preventing your house from having to endure the normal wear and tear of weather related exposure and giving the home owner a measure of privacy unparalleled in our modern construction practices.

However what might appeal to most folks considering building such a home is that new technology has been invented that allows for compressed earth blocks (CEB) to be made on-site from damp soil. This incredibly inexpensive construction material allows home builders to create the materials used for construction on the site, minimizing transportation costs while maintaining a high stability, strength and water resistant block with a quick drying time.

The advantages of using this technology is listed below but stems from technology created in 2002 by the International Institute for Energy Conservation for developing countries for mobile semi-automated CEB production machines to be used in on-site construction.

Short drying time because the soil is damp but not wet. Some soil conditions allow the block to go straight from the press to the wall with no drying time needed.

A single CEB press can produce 800 to 1,200 blocks per day, enough to build a 1,200 foot square home in one day.

Suitable soil can be used from the construction site itself reducing the need for transportation entirely, thus reducing cost.

The CEB press provides uniform tight fitting (flat-sided) 90 degree angled blocks (3,000 psi) to be created, while obtaining strengths that exceed the ASTM standard for concrete blocks of 1,900 psi.

Because of the inorganic material used for CEBs they’re uniformly non-toxic, natural and do not out-gas.

These blocks (CEB) are highly sound, water and fire resistant, they do not burn.

Because CEBs are made from earth and are highly compacted they offer no nutritional value to insects and the solid density discourages burrowing.

Since these blocks are made from inorganic earth materials such as clay and aggregate with no wood or other fibrous ingredients they are mold resistant, which is a common problem attributed to Earth Homes.

Also the flexibility and water resistant nature of this material while maintaining a high structural integrity has made it the preferred building material in under developed nations that endures frequent tectonic stress and flooding, such as India and South America.

Because construction methods are simple, less skilled labor is required, lowering costs and encouraging self sufficiency and community involvement.

Last and certainly not the least comparative advantage is the thermal performance, which reduces heating and cooling costs significantly and CEBs have been shown to reduce the ambient temperature by more than 20 degrees or more.

Of course one of my favorites is that depending on how you construct your Earth Home your only outside maintenance might be the need to mow your roof. All joking aside, CEBs are not the only method of building an Earth Sheltered Home by clicking on this link it will take you to website that offers not only financial help but offers a variety of floor plans, photos and its own guaranteed construction technique.

Having talked to the owner of the Earthlog Equity Group, Inc., about what is required to get my own Earth Home built, one of the greatest advantages he impressed upon me was the solid construction technique and the fact that not one of the hundreds of homes his group has built all over the world has ever collapsed and that they will withstand tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Goa Delhi Flights- Make Cheap Flights Tickets With Online Booking

The Dabolim airport in Goa is a domestic airport and is not an international airport which is why there are no direct flights to Goa from international destinations. Goa is linked to almost all the metropolitan cities in India. The domestic airlines which connect Goa and Delhi are Indian Airlines, Spice Jet, Go air, Jetlite Airlines, Indigo Airlines and Kingfisher Airlines. The flights provide Executive, Business and Economic class.

Some of the airlines provide daily flights from Delhi to Goa which are kingfisher and spice jet. The flying time between Delhi and Goa is 3 hours. The journey would be speedy and smooth.

Indian Airlines Flights to Goa from Delhi

Flight number IC865 of Indian Airlines is in service daily except for Tuesday. Departs from Delhi at 10:00 a.m and arrives at Goa airport at 14:00 in the afternoon.

Kingfisher Airlines Flight to Goa from Delhi

Flight number IT652 of Kingfisher Airlines is in service daily. Departs from Delhi at 12:00 p.m and arrives at Goa airport at 14:35 in the afternoon.

Indigo Airlines Flight to Goa from Delhi

Flight number 6E181 is in service only Tuesday .Departs from Delhi at 09:15 a.m and arrives at Goa airport at 13:10 in the afternoon.

Indigo Airlines have two flights going daily to Goa from Delhi except for Tuesday. Flight number 6E181 is in service daily except for Tuesday .departs from Delhi at 09:30 a.m and arrives at Goa airport at 13:25 in the afternoon.

There is another Flight with number 6E333 which is in service daily except for Tuesday .It leaves Delhi at 14:05 p.m and arrives at Goa airport at 16:30 in the evening.

Spice Jet Airways Flight to Goa from Delhi

Spice Jet Flight number SG253 takes off daily. The departure time from Delhi is in the morning at 10:35 and reaches Goa at 14:15 in the afternoon
There is another Spice Jet Flight number SG257 which flies daily from Delhi to Goa. Departing time from Delhi airport is at 17:15 in the evening and arrives at Goa at 19:55 at night.

Go Air Airlines Flight to Goa from Delhi
Flight number G8174 is in service everyday except for Tuesday and Saturday .It leaves Delhi at 12:50 p.m and arrives at Goa airport at 15:30 in the afternoon.

JetLite Airlines Flight to Goa from Delhi

Flight number S2107 is in service only Tuesday .Departs from Delhi at 10:55 a.m and arrives at Goa airport at 14:30 in the afternoon.

There is another Flight with number S2107 which is in service daily except for Tuesday which departs at 10:05 a.m and arrives at Goa airport at 14:05 in the afternoon.

Septic Drainage And The Purpose Of The Leach Field

Known also as a leach field or an absorption field, a septic drainage field is responsible for filtering the wastewater from houses or buildings not linked to a primary sewer. Basically, the septic drainage system could be described as a network of perforated pipes that spread out in a field underground and work to disperse wastewater over as large an area as possible and strain out any contaminants prior to them soaking into the ground.

Many homes do not have a drainage field, a fact that is particularly true in cities in which most properties are linked to a sewer system. However, a lot of older or remote rural homes do depend on a septic drainage system, and this has to be carefully maintained by the homeowner, as they are legally responsible for it and are the ones most at risk if there is a failure.

How does a drainage field function correctly?

A great many components are needed for a drainage system to work properly and do the job it is intended to do. It is vital that all of those components are maintained properly, since repairs can be quite costly if the septic drainage system breaks down or overflows.

The location of the septic drainage system is selected very carefully to make sure that it will work correctly. Generally, the soil must be tested by a professionally trained engineer to make sure it is acceptable for septic drainage, since not all soil types, like clay for example, are.

The drainage pipes that transport wastewater away from the house are put in underground, in a specially made trench. That trench will be partially filled with gravel prior to the pipes being put on top of it. When wastewater travels through the system, it flows out to the trench through the perforated pipes, and drains away into the ground through the gravel, which behaves as a filter to take out the nastiest contaminants. As the wastewater trickles down through the layer of gravel, larger contaminants get trapped there, while oxygen helps to leach smaller particles from the water.

For the system to work, the pipes must be positioned angling downward slightly, away from the house, so that gravity pulls the wastewater away naturally. You will have to have your system checked out thoroughly by an engineer so you can make sure the water is drained from the pipes in a balanced way so that there is no obstruction or flood.

Significance of maintaining a drainage system

The septic system of any house is very critical, since it is vital for the environment that any wastewater has been filtered prior to reaching the underground water table.

One more reason to make sure that the septic drainage system is working properly is that wastewater can be a serious health hazard to anyone living in the home if it is not draining away correctly. If the septic system becomes blocked, the wastewater will start to back up along the pipes, resulting in it entering the home and causing toilets and drains to overflow with foul-smelling, nasty black sludgy material. It can also mean that the soil near your home gets contaminated.

Discover The City Of Leeds

Leeds is quickly establishing itself as a top place to visit and live. The city has been gaining a growing reputation as one of the top city break destinations in the UK. Leeds is now regularly featured in top 10 lists of best city breaks. It has even been voted “Visitor city of the year” by The Good Britain Guide in 2005, Condé Nast Traveler magazine Readers’ Awards as the “UK’s favourite city” in 2004 and “Best English city to visit outside London” in 2005. The city now regularly get over 10 million visitors a year and this figure is expected to increase, especially with the economic downturn making foreign holidays much more expensive.

Some of the best tourist attractions in the city include the Leeds Art Gallery, the Henry Moore Institute, Royal Armouries and the West Yorkshire Playhouse. The city is also lucky to have the only ballet and opera company outside of London. The internationally acclaimed Northern Ballet Theatre and Opera North put on productions throughout the year.

The city is not only attracting the tourists. Leeds is establishing itself as a great place to live and work. The city is home to a number of large employers, though obviously the recent recession has had an affect on them, once the economy recovers the city is likely to attract even more employers to the region with its great transport links to the rest of the country and University.

The city has a wide range of houses, from large Victorian houses, to small modern apartments and the surrounding countryside is home to many pretty cottages. Weather you are looking to buy or rent property in Leeds there is bound to be your ideal home in Leeds.

During your time off from work there will be plenty of things to do, especially for the shoppaholic amongst you. Leeds is one of the best cities for shopping in the whole of the UK. The city has top designer outlets from the likes of Louis Vuitton and top stores like Harvey Nichols, which has earnt it the nick name the Knightsbridge of the North. One of the most popular shopping districts in the city is the Victorian Quarter which comprise of a number beautiful Victorian shopping arcades linked by stain glass roofs. These traditional and elegant arcades are home to a number of top name stores.

International Transport Links in Manchester

The main international transport link to Manchester is by air. Manchester airport is located just outside the city and it takes 20 minutes by car to get to the airport by the M56 motorway. Manchester airport is the second busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers in the United Kingdom. Flights arrive from and depart for all parts of the world, which include the Far East, south East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Caribbean, Latin America, United States, and Canada. There are three terminals that handle the arriving and departing passengers at Manchester airport. Cargo flights also operate regularly from Manchester. Imports to Manchester come mostly from the Far East and exports are sent to America.

Manchester airport is connected to the city by road and by rail. Not only is Manchester city linked by rail to the airport, but trains from as far away as Edinburgh also come to the airport railway station. The railway link to the airport station is being expanded further and new platforms are being added. There are taxi stands at all the three terminals of the airport.

Manchester city is connected to the rest of the United Kingdom by road and rail. Manchester has two main railway stations, Victoria and Piccadilly, which link Manchester to the rest of the United Kingdom. There is an hourly train service from Piccadilly station to London.

Manchester is located in the center of the United Kingdom and has one of the best road networks linking it to the rest of the country. Five motorways the M56, M61, M63, M65 and M62 link Manchester to the rest of Britain.

Getting to and from Manchester to any destination around the globe is very easy. Manchester being an industrial and commercial hub of England in very well connected to the rest of the world and the airport alone handles more then fifteen million passengers every year. Cargo flights land to and depart daily from the airport.

The Manchester ship canal links Manchester to the sea. There are over 40 berths and the port handles over two thousand ships every year. The port is served directly by a motorway and rail link. The ships are lifted over sixty feet by a system of locks to reach Manchester.

Manchester is the second largest city of England and commercially perhaps it rates as number one. This is the reason that Manchester has very good, established international transport links. It’s because of these links that Manchester continues to thrive economically. There are plans to expand the airport facilities, so more traffic can be handled. The transport links to Manchester are reliable and getting to and from Manchester does not take long.

All the major cities in the United Kingdom are a few hours drive away from Manchester. London is a three-hour drive from Manchester. Manchester is the industrial center of England and that is why so much emphasis was laid on providing it the best international transport links. The city leaders of Manchester are constantly planning and evaluating future expansion of the international transport links to the city.

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Budget Hotel Offers Friendly Affordable Comfort in City Central

Auckland is the largest and most populated urban area in the country with over 1.5 million residents. Known affectionately as “the little big City” Auckland is a very popular tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world.

Over the last 12 months Auckland city has undergone a major transition to emerge as a super city which has contributed to its growth and development, bringing many benefits to the city that is known for its diversity of cultures which has created a very vibrant and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Staying in the heart of this beautiful city is the best way to see Auckland and its outlying areas, of which there are numerous, and one of the best places to stay is right in the city centre. There are many luxury and budget hotels in the city that cater for the large number of international visitors that come to Auckland for leisure and business.

When you visit a city for the first time you will appreciate staying downtown central city in a hotel that offers comfort and affordable accommodation as well as ease of transport, shopping, entertainment and all the attractions of the city right on your doorstep.

Staying downtown in central Auckland certainly has its advantages. There are many cheap hotels in the area that are equipped with all the amenities and comforts and this does not mean they are of poor quality. Most of them will offer free internet access, 24 hour check in, on-going travel arrangements service and if you are very lucky, free parking right in the heart of the city.

There are numerous attractions in downtown Auckland that can turn your visit into a great experience and if you are staying in the city they are just a short walk away. There are also city guides that circulate around the city 7 days a week assisting visitors to find their way to the various attractions and entertainment.

The city link bus is the easiest way to get around the city – no need for a timetable here as the services run all the time, just hop on and hop off.

If the sun is out and you’re feeling like a ride around the city, you can experience Auckland from the ground with city rides. This is a great eco-friendly alternative way to get around the city and a thoroughly interactive transport experience. The bikes operate only in the city centre and can be found in all the city’s hotspots and the great advantage here is you get access to areas that can’t be reached by car. These drivers know all the hotspots, good food and the best places to visit.

Many people choose to book budget accommodation so they can spend more on specialised activities as they travel around the country and experience the cuisine and culture of the North and the South Island.

So choosing the right accommodation can be quite nerve racking!

Do your homework and explore all the options available to ensure you find the most suitable accommodation on your visit. If you are happy and and comfortable your experience in getting to know one of the best “little big” cities in the world will be a better one for you.

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The Top Benefits of Fruit Infused Water

Maybe this is the first you hear about fruit infused water. But I am telling you that this is one is really worth your attention. The reason why is because it is beneficial. If you want to know a bit more, then kindly read on.

Good Reasons Why You Need to Replace Soda With Fruit Infused Water


If you like manufactured juices and sodas because of their taste, then you are likely to love what taste fruit infused water can give. It has an awesome taste you will surely love. But then again, you have to try it in order to know for yourself.


Zero calorie soda and drinks are not something new to you since they are often advertised on TVs and in several other forms of media. But the thing with fruit infused water is that you can be 100% sure that is really out of calories. Thus, you can drink it as often as you want. It will not make you any fatter because it has no calories. As awesome as that.


One more awesome thing about a fruit infused water is that it will give you more energy. And since it has the vitamins, nutrients and minerals from fruits, it has the best ability to make you energized and feel awesome every time. It can even give you a better attitude for the day and improve your mood.


You won’t believe that this drink is also a detoxifier. It functions by flushing out the toxins that are within your system. In other words, it can make you healthy.


Your addiction to junk foods make you go for them time and time again. But if you practice the habit of drinking a fruit infused drink, you will feel full, so you won’t crave for junk foods. In other words, you are able to easily stop your junk food habits and start on with a healthy one.


Another pretty benefit that you will surely love about drinking fruit infused water is that it will let you lose some of your weight in a natural way. What it does is help your body in releasing your fat cells. When your far cells are out, you will lose your weight and become fit.

Maybe you have never tried drinking a fruit infused water. Well, it is really beneficial, so you must try it.